The Edge of the World: El Camino Portugués

Fri. July 12- Sat. July 27, 2019


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Before 1492, Spain and Portugal did not dream of empires. They dreamt of survival. For seven centuries, the Muslim Caliphate of Córdoba controlled most of the peninsula, except for the edges. The kingdoms on the northern frontier held out next to the vast, unknown Atlantic. It was only a matter of time: in order to trade and travel to the east, the Portuguese began to sail to the south and the west. In a time before modern borders, Spain and Portugal blended together, and both begin to look beyond their own lands.

Our journey to Santiago de Compostela begins in Sagres in southern Portugal, where Henry the Navigator founded his famous school of navigation and mapmaking. Prince Henry’s school was the beginning of the colonial era: without Henry the Navigator’s maritime academy, there would be no Vasco da Gama, Pedro Alvares de Cabral, no Ferdinand Magellan, and no Columbus, Cortés, or Pizarro. The graduates of that school made possible the foundation of major cities in the Americas, from Rio de Janeiro to Lima, Perú and even Los Angeles and San Francisco…

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