On Top of the World : Perú



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(Thursday, April 11- Saturday April 20, 2019)

This Spring Break, you can follow the crowds to beaches, bars and binges. Or, you could travel a different path, and walk beside the ruins of the realm of the Incas. Go to the dizzying heights of Machu Picchu and learn of the power of the Sun god Inti Raymi and the creator, Viracocha. In Cusco, see the capital city of Tawantisuyu (tah-whan-teen-SOO-yoo), the empire of the Inca kings that stretched from modern Colombia to Chile. Touch the bricks carved with tight-fitting precision and without a single drop of mortar between them that still support tons of towering stone. Visit Cajamarca, where Francisco Pizarro and his tiny band faced the Inca Atahualpa (Ah-tah-WAHL-pah) and his mighty empire. Feel the rushing wind. Taste the dry air. You are there.

The trip ends with a return to the capital of Lima, where you will explore the Spanish colonial world interspersed in the dynamic bustle of the here-and-now. Enjoy the music, art, and architecture as well as diverse and renowned Peruvian cuisine. Top it off with shopping. From traditional artisanal wares to the latest fashions of Paris and Milan, as a major commercial center of the Pacific Rim, Lima has it all.

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