Podcast: Aztec Memories & the Florentine Codex

I wanted to share a podcast interview I did with Professor Damian Bacich, Chair of the Department of World Languages and Literatures at San José State University in California. He interviewed me regarding the history of the advanced study of indigenous languages and culture in colonial Mexico.

PODCAST: Aztec Memories & the Florentine Codex

The downloadable podcast is available on his website, The California Frontier Project. There he has articles and podcasts, through which he shares his deep knowledge of California history. As a longtime resident of Golden State and deeply interested in California’s connections to the Spanish and indigenous roots of the Americas, I find this site a rich resource. This podcast is the first of two installments from an interview Damien and I did in fall of 2019. I invite you to listen, to check out Professor Damian Bacich’s website, and to drop me a line in the comments section telling me what you think!

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Cover image: This plaque commemorates the collaboration between Bernardino de Sahagún and the indigenous scribes who together wrote the 12-volume Florentine Codex, the largest single source on ancestral native culture in Central Mexico. The plaque hangs in what was formerly the Colegio de la Santa Cruz de Tlatelolco, and is today the patio of the Secretariado de Relaciones Exteriores in Tlatelolco, a subsection of modern Mexico City.

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